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If you are having hot tub or spa issues, make an appointment with The Spa Doctor today! We have been curing spas in the Las Vegas, NV area for years and would be happy to help you with yours. Our experienced hot tub repair team will discuss your spa's symptoms with you in an effort to diagnose the issue.The Spa Doctor can prescribe a recommended treatment for your spa or hot tub and will have it up and running again in no time!

Once your spa has returned to its full functionality, we would like to ensure that it won't be in need of another check-up anytime soon. We will go over all of the available features on your spa or hot tub and offer advice on how to keep your spa healthy. By utilizing the correct cleaning and hot tub maintenance plan, you can help to ensure that your spa or hot tub will not be in need of a major surgery in the near future.

If your spa or hot tub has seemed a bit under the weather lately, call us and make an appointment for a spa service today! The Spa Doctor will see you now.



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  • We Can Fix Your Spa Or Hot Tub!
  • We Provide Affordable Spa Service To The Las Vegas Area!
  • We Can Help To Design And Install Waterfalls!


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